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Whiteboard animation – the beginning of a story…

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Short introduction…


When I was kid, I was fascinated by those artists who illustrated newspaper articles with comic strips and cartoon. Some of these artists, during television broadcasts, accompanied the presenter’s words ‘live’ by instantly drawing funny scenes. Their pencil glided over the close-up shot of the white sheet and, with my mouth wide open, I didn’t miss a second of the drawing that gradually took shape on the screen. Did they know that they were the pioneers of what was going to become, a few decades later, the whiteboard animation style ?


These guys were good, and the fact is that their illustrations, sometimes funny, sometimes a little ironic, stimulated my curiosity and completely captured my attention, two advantages that current hand-drawn video has been able to thoroughly cultivate…


First, we turn your message into an interesting story…


As you can see in the video about our process of creation, once the commercial phase has been endorsed, a writer will write your story – under the expert eye of our editor, then correct and refine it… Then, once your expectations have been met, the story is handed over to the storyboarder who will give some ideas for illustration and take your instructions. It is when this phase is finished that  the “whiteboard animation” stage, strictly speaking, begins…


Your story comes to life in drawings and voice…


The illustrator you have chosen draws his/her boards by hand, one by one, following the agreed storyboard. For several hours, his black and colour markers trace and colour the story-line while each board is filmed.

Whiteboard animation exemple
Real illustrator drawing for whiteboard animation

The basis of whiteboard animation is the illustrator, the pencil and the whiteboard.


Viewable in the allotted time. This is what gives this impression of speed of the hand when viewing it.


That finished, the actor that you selected takes the stage, and gives the desired rhythm to your story, which he/she tells according to the scenario written.


Finally, when our director / editor is satisfied with the result, the video is delivered to you.


What’s the use of all that ? A whiteboard animation allows you to effectively reach a huge number of potential customers and make them interact with you very quickly.

When you realise that 100 million Web surfers look at an on-line video every day, and that for the majority these are videos presenting a product or a service, it’s probably time to make your own whiteboard animation… Don’t you think?


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