They’re happy and they say it!

I’d like to thank you for the quality of the work you’ve carried out. The video was a real hit and personally it set me up perfectly for the plenary session presentation.
Gregory Dancs
A huge thank you for all of your work (day and night) on this highly successful video! We appreciated your reactivity and your flexibility in taking our desires and constraints into account. And the result makes my colleagues feel like working with you!
Christine BLM
We are very satisfied. All the stages and the deadlines have ben respected. The team really understood our requirements and our expectations.
Eric Barilland
Director of Employer Image and Campus Management / Orange
We made the right choice in calling in your company and we’re very grateful for the services you’ve provided. Your reactivity and your professionalism have allowed us to obtain a result that meets our high expectations. We won’t hesitate to use your services again in the future.
Didier Tousch
Thanks for the 2 videos; they’re great!!! It’s quite simply perfect like that!
Karl Buon
A big thank you for your work. Not only has it been a pleasure working with you, but the result is really excellent. Congratulations to the whole team.
Guilhem Doat
Immo Angels
A beautiful result that we are very satisfied with. Thank you all for your involvement in this project and also for your proactivity. We will not hesitate to get back to you for other similar projects, with pleasure.
Marine Berrebi
Microsoft Moodle Office
People like it a lot. It’s nice and it’s fresh.
Clémence Silvestre
We’re very happy with it! The video corresponds to what we were hoping for and what we were expecting! A big thanks to the whole team.
Laura Menaert
Square Achat
The video is superb. A job well done.
Nicolas Czarnecki
My heartiest congratulations for the job done! Pleased to have been able to work with you.
Cedric Monneron
The animations perfectly highlight the points we wanted to emphasise. We’re very happy to have used your services.
Theo Moreno
I wanted to inform you of my entire satisfaction with our collaboration. The various Videotelling people that I worked with are very professional and extremely reactive.
Pascal Clément
Our Convention has been a success to which you have significantly contributed. There were several videos but yours are the ones that people are talking about the most! Once again bravo for the illustrations!
Jean-Frédéric Piotin / Sylvie Proteau
PGA Motors
I am delighted with the result. This corresponds perfectly to my expectations, and I love the transition from one slide to another with the waves, well done and thank you! 😉 The people who've seen the film like it a lot and find it clear and original, the feedback is very positive: “very well done and thank you for this animated trip where drawing can show all its teaching virtue”, “this format is brilliant - well done”, “great and bravo for this voyage”. In short, this has been a successful test for me; we will call upon you again in the future to continue this voyage together!
Véronique Pivette
It’s really what we were expecting - punchy, with a colourful voice,... In short, we like it. A lot! It has allowed us successfully launch our communication campaign o the social networks.
Albéric C.
Please pass on our thanks to the whole team for this drawn video. The result very is successful! A modern, effective, dynamic, colourful film, which I have no doubt will be a great success on our Website and on the social networks! We'll be showing it as of tomorrow within the framework of our two graduation ceremonies in front of 500 guests, for each ceremony!
Juliette Neau
Isae Supaero
Following the delivery of the video this morning, in the name of the UNIDO I would like to express our congratulations you the work carried out and for your professionalism at every stage of the creation of the video. We'd like to thank you for the deadlines which were met as well as for the precise taking into account of our expectations and also for the clarity of the message.
Bastien Chesnoy
Thanks a lot for your work and bravo for the video. We are very happy with the result!
Betina Johnstone
We’ve received our short film and we’re delighted with the final result. We want to sincerely thank the whole team for your speed and your professionalism.
Benoit Osztrovszki
I wanted to inform you of my entire satisfaction with our collaboration. The various Videotelling people that I worked with are very professional and extremely reactive.
Pascal Clément
The Association Cent pour Sang la Vie against Leukaemia and its President Pascal ALT approve and totally recommend using VideoTelling’s pedagogical mini videos which foster and considerably simplify the raising of awareness and the provision of information.
Pascal ALT
Cent pour Sang la vie
The end of the film was met by great applause! The repercussions are very positive. Our business unit managers like the story being told in the film, they can identify with it and so it's great!
Fabienne Bonvoisin
Mairie Orleans-Tours
What a pleasure to work with the Videotelling team! They’re thorough, attentive to our needs and requests and are well able make relevant suggestions. Added to that is the kindness of all the team as well as a high level of professionalism, whether regarding the project management, the script, the drawing, the audio, the editing... We are totally satisfied with our collaboration with Videotelling and we highly recommend them!
The CHECK-KIT team
We are more than delighted with our film and above all with the support provided by your company - efficiency, speed of service and the top-notch results! In addition, I’ve just shown the film to our whole team, and we were applauded by everyone! That’ll tell you how satisfied we are! So, a huge thanks to all the people at VideoTelling, including the illustrator and the “voice” for this brilliant work. Feel free to contact us if you need any recommendations and on our side we’ll provide you with some great advertising!
Blandine Bierre
Initiative France
For this first experience with you, I can say that I’m both delighted with the quality of your services and also with the quality and the kindness of the staff that I worked with concerning the project. Thanks for the speed of execution See you soon for a new project
Chantal Monaci
Videotelling’s teams were very professional and at the same time very attentive to our core business concerns in order to pinpoint the message that we needed to deliver in the video. The final result is excellent and way beyond our initial hopes. The work carried out was very high-quality and partly thanks to the members of the team who accompanied us on this project. This allowed us to communicate with a modern tool, in a way that is fun but also totally in keeping with our client’s expectations. As a result, the video clearly and briefly explains a concept which isn’t trivial and which permits us to democratise and communicate it towards a wider target audience. A big thank you to the teams at Videotelling who’ve done a marvellous job.
Alexandre MOULIN
This is our second film produced in video scribing with Videotelling. Two successful experiences! Your staff are clear, precise, available and very accommodating. With a special word for the copywriter who was able to inject some life and zest into a heavyweight subject. The deadlines were respected despite a tight schedule and some last minute corrections! You’ve got a very reactive team. The scenario was really optimised considering the significant number of messages that we needed to get across. This is the real added-value of storytelling - particularly in relation to the two possible endings imagined for our complementary target-groups: managers and team-members. The abstract subject we were dealing with was very well translated into pictures. A little drawing is a lot more striking than a long speech…and on conceptual subjects such as Compliance with business ethics, it’s a real advantage. The latest film produced together has been a real success with our teams. It’s always nice to be able to communicate heavy messages – that aren’t very sexy – in a format that on-boards the target audience! Our film was presented to all managers during a convention. Its aim was to introduce the profession of the ethics and compliance team and to define the role of a manager in relation to these risks. A version for the employees was posted on our intranet. This version was aimed specifically at the employees explaining the process to follow if they have a doubt about a particular situation. Both versions worked very well indeed.
For our first experience, we’re 100 % satisfied with our collaboration with VIDEOTELLING. Everything was well controlled from A to Z. The various players’ roles are defined and explained right from the start. The deadlines and commitments have been met. I appreciated being able to choose the actors, the background music and the graphic style so as to personalise our video… They imposed nothing on us. They suggest, we chat about it and we approve the choices. A big team of professionals who remain available throughout the design of the video. This form of communication which is so much more fun, sticks in people’s minds. We are delighted with the final result!
Sabrina Robin
Saint Gobain
I wanted to thank you and above all to congratulate you on the work you’ve done on this teaser. You are a great team, efficient in project mode, reactive and… available. This morning the client presented it at the Board meeting and told me that it was a success, with very positive feedback! Thanks for getting involved in the context and the themes, which enabled this truly tailor-made production. I hope to have other projects to submit to you in the near future!
Alexandra Boulade
We confirm we've received the final version of the video. We are very satisfied with the result which is both clear and fun! Thanks very much for the job you've done. We look forward to working together again in the future.
Virginie Perignon
We are delighted with the work we've done with you: the creation within a short time-frame, the follow-up throughout the project and the quality of the result, which is already bearing its first fruits. In a nutshell: keep up the good work! You inspire.
G. Bouillet
Groupe Rocher
We were very satisfied by the videos created. Your strengths: your ways of working and your reactivity as well as attractive rates for the quality of the produced videos. The videos have met their objectives i.e. popularizing complex subjects within the framework of training courses. The training programme in which they are included hasn't been deployed yet, but the people who've already viewed them have given us very positive feedback, both regarding the message and the style of the videos.
Sonia Zarrâa
Everything rolled out really smoothly! It went very well – both with Endora for the commercial part and with Gilbert who managed the project! The schedule was perfectly met; we were even a bit ahead of time! Regarding your availability and reactivity – it was just perfect! The video is really a success! It has allowed us to explain our approach all over France – all in 2 minutes!
We’re very satisfied with the video. The production went very well, your staff that we worked with know the subject and we’re totally happy with the approach!
Christophe Dierickx
We are very satisfied with the videos created! The 5 training managers of the Bouygues Group who were our “sleeping partners” were delighted with your service. The "wow" effect was there - right at the unveiling of the finished product! The production protocol, which is very structured, felt a little tiresome to us at the beginning, but we were really able to test that it reduces the margin of error and that in the end, we didn't have any unpleasant surprises on the deliverable. The production team was very attentive, the effective back-and-forth communication and the respect for the timing (very short!), which was also one of our initial requirements, made the difference. Very positive energy brought into play by all and a result that meets our expectations.
Gallon Marianne
Bouygues SA
We thank you for your work, We were on time to deliver our file by Friday. And the final version completely matched our request. Please pass on our congratulations and all our thanks to your team.
Sophie Tron
We are very satisfied with the result and look forward to showing the multi-language videos to our community during May to announce the new service of 3D galleries. Thank you for your follow-up, we were delighted to be able to deliver this beautiful project with you and the team at VT.
Rudolph Van Valkenburg
A very positive experience! The team is kind and listens very well, it was very pleasant and we’re looking forward to getting back in touch with you again. The video is excellent, to tell you the truth, it’s so good that my communications agency has asked us to postpone broadcasting it on the media so as to be sure that absolutely everything announced in the video is actually up and running, so as not to disappoint our target audience. The video has pleasantly surprised the people I showed it too. I even had someone who was very emotional.
The video conforms to what we wanted. It was appreciated, it’s very clear and it has contributed to getting more people involved in the project.
In the framework of the production of several videos for a large-scale event, you’ve been able to meet our requirements and our deadlines with a lot of responsiveness. Your know-how is trustworthy and the communication objective was reached thanks to your creativity. Thank you!
I’m really happy with this video! The effect is really great! The process and the management is rock solid! I was really happy to work with you, I’ll be in touch for my future projects!
We are very happy. The video matches perfectly what we were looking for. The process is very well-structured and the reverse-scheduling given at the start was totally respected. The team is completely satisfied
Virginie AUGEN
We were thoroughly satisfied with the video. It was shown to an audience of 1200 people during a seminar last October and was very well enjoyed by all. We are now familiar with VideoTelling’s production process and even if it seems fastidious at first time, once you understand it, it allows the video to be obtained within the given deadlines!
Thierry Tareau
Groupama Supports & Services
I can say that the videos were very well received by the room. We were congratulated on their instructional quality, and several requests for showings on various networks, which was our objective. So, please be so kind as to pass on these congratulations to the various people on your team who’ve worked on this creation. And well done to you for the quality of your follow-up, as well as the flexibility and proactivity shown by you and your colleagues. We are well aware that we presented you with the dual problem of very tight deadlines and a decision-making process that is sometimes complicated. You rose to the challenge We look forward to working with you again in the future
Bruno Lepoivre
CA Pacifica

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