Ticatag features Tifiz, the GPS tracker like no other…

A new type of GPS tracker? So what…?
Well, Tifiz is really a new type of GPS. For example, if one tells you that its autonomy is a hundred times longer than any other GPS? That it is a reliable system and above all, independent…? That it does not use SIM card or any of the frequencies usually used? Ah! You see, it makes you suddenly more curious…
That’s why this whiteboard animation video will interest you…






Tonight, Ellen is celebrating her birthday.

But Frank arrives late!

He’s just had his scooter stolen… damn it.


Sophie, who’s come to help them, takes out her new mascot, TiFiz.

A GPS tracker that allows an object or person to be located anywhere, from your

Smartphone or your computer.

What’s the great idea? The tracker’s battery life is 100 times longer than the usual


It’s an independent and reliable geolocation system. It doesn’t use the usual

frequencies, or even a sim card.


As soon as the scooter left a certain defined perimeter,

Frank could have been warned immediately. Super handy to protect your



Sophie uses it when she’s hiking in case of emergency

with a simple press of a button she can alert a person of her choice.

And TiFiz is waterproof!

So, she got another one for her son who’s a wind-surfer. It’s great for water-



The subscription is flexible, depending what you need and you can get it as a

prepaid card for 3 or 6 months as you want.

It’s ideal for the holidays…because Tifiz even covers foreign countries

Frank is going to tell his Dad about it, he’s a farmer who’s often had his

agricultural machinery stolen…

As for Ellen, who’s heard everything, she already sees herself equipping her

luggage with one; she goes abroad so much…


That’s a good thing – it’s what Sophie intended to give her as a present!