PROFLEET offers innovative fuel stock management…

PROFLEET from TokheimAll fleet operators know how challenging it is to efficiently and accurately manage fuel stocks.
To help them face their daily challenges, Profleet offers them simple and reliable products and solutions for all scales of operations.
Its flagship product? DiaLOG, an innovative fuel management system that provides all key data concerning equipment and stocks.
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Leader in fuel management solutions, Profleet offers fleet operators reliable products regardless of scales of operations.
Its flagship? DiaLOG.
An easy-to-use fuel management system that provides all relevant data concerning
transactions, stock and equipment status.


Paul is a small fleet operator.
He needs a cost efficient and compact dispensing solution. With the integrated DiaLOG, Paul requires less space and benefits from a lower cost for his installation.
With fuel intakes both at his depot and at public stations, he needs accurate reports.
With its fuel consumption tracking system and its automatic import feature, DiaLOG allows Paul to keep track of all the transactions on and off-site!


Mary is a bus operator. With thousands of vehicles and lots of personnel managing their refueling, mistakes can occur.
Not with Smartfuel!
This automatic vehicle identification system provides an accurate mileage, controls fuel types and helps reduce unauthorized fueling!


Mike is an emergency services fleet operator.
His main concern? Data storage. Profleet’s answer? DiaHOST,
an online data hosting and backup solution with a strong encryption system and a replication process to ensure data reliability, availability and security.


John is a construction fleet operator. With heavy duty vehicles, he needs an onsite refueling solution. By turning bowsers into mobile stations, the DiaLOG truck boxes can transfer all the data directly to the central database!


Jane, a car rental fleet operator, needs a solution to efficiently manage a fast changing fleet.
Using DiaLOG’s bar code scanner or DiaCAM camera solution, she can easily identify and fill up vehicles without using tags or adding cost to the vehicle!


With simple solutions for every need and local representatives everywhere, Profleet offers the best-in-class services. So, just like Peter, Eve, Mike or Jane, trust in its expertise to help you face your daily challenges!



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