Do you need to energize your team meetings?
To encourage collaborative work sessions?

The Microsoft Hub Surface is the ideal tool to gather all the collaborators involved in a project, a brainstorming, a demonstration, a presentation, without leaving them passive or bored by the meeting.

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Microsoft Surface Hub combined with OBS skills will change work sessions!

No more meetings where everyone waits until it ends by strumming on his smartphone, listening absently to the host … who despairs the low level of participation!

Make way for a high-tech tool in your company that will boost your meetings, whether your employees or partners are on site or remotely, in one click via Skype for Business.

The Surface Hub is available in 55 or 84 inch touchscreen format and provides an infinite whiteboard where everyone – even remotely! – can express ideas, summarize a plan of action, complete it, draw diagrams, add or delete parts …

and start again with the doc on his USB key or receive it by email sent directly from the Surface.

Many innovative and effective Windows Store applications allow you to share, via the Surface: an interactive dashboard in the project management, the precise location of the room to be changed on the chiller, the comparison of tables of profitability, medical imaging …

Our qualified staff accompany you from end to end and offer you service offers tailored to your needs in France and internationally.

Become a specialist in collaborative work thanks to Orange Business Services!