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Microsoft explains the 7 chakras of Change …
Microsoft supports companies to achieve their digital transformation with the 7 steps of the “change attitude”. How to make this happen to all your employees?
This explanatory video, below, gives you the details of the process, and if you want to know more, go to the Microsoft Enterprise website

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After several months of reflection, your company is about to transform its organization with new digital tools and new uses of work, bravo!

Now you have to get them adopted by all your employees.
An information mail and a training session will not be enough …
So, how to generate adoption?

Use the 7 chakras of change method.

Ensure the support of a group of sponsors at the level of the General Management.

Recruit a community of Champions who will lead the way.

Raise interest through a fun and multi-channel communication deployed on a large scale throughout the company.

Develop skills through a training course, face-to-face and online.

Anticipate and manage resistance to change.
Changing habits inevitably raises questions.

Estimate the progress of your transformation by following the rate of use of the new tools.
And make adjustments if necessary.

Identify and value exemplary behaviors to support employee engagement.
Celebrate successes to install change over time.

There you go !

With the “7 chakras of change”, you give yourself the means to succeed in your digital transformation.
Without stress !

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