How is Santa changing the management of delivery?
Is it possible that Santa Claus in person uses a Microsoft tool to calmly manage his many tours?
Discover it in this new Motion Design Basic video, made by VideoTelling!

Transcript vidéo

Today on Earth, we are very, very numerous!
And since we all have desires … we write to Santa!
But how will he continue to ensure distribution on time?

After a long reflection he finally finds the solution!
He summons his team and explains that this year the distribution will be
more efficient, without the mistakes of the past.

Our friends Elves are amazed, so what is this miracle?
Microsoft Project, of course!
Come on, not a second to lose, we must establish the schedule.

Our Santa begins by entering the tasks to be performed and the
diagram is shaped like magic.
He then assigns each of the tasks to his elves and calculates the costs
Yes, even in Lapland, the company must turn!

Leo is assigned to two tasks, but … he does not work the
Fortunately, Project launches an alert and tasks are reassigned to

A few days later, our Santa Claus takes stock with his team.
Jacquot, the elf chief, immediately presents the report.
Deliveries are scheduled by geographical density over time
allocated to each of them.

So Santa, is everything perfectly in order
for THE Christmas tour?
Discover it on the Project site