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Microsoft Graal, a kind of collaborative yoga …

How to optimize the means of communication, coordination and collaboration that are already very efficient? how to become more efficient and increase its competitiveness while keeping its security requirements at a lower cost? And what does this phrase “collaborative yoga” mean? Everything is explained in this illustrated video that reveals the secrets of the Grail that Microsoft has implemented …

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The Graal has always been for a company to make the most of its collective intelligence.
For a long time it was simple! It was enough to optimize the means of communication …
… and collaboration.

Today everything goes faster!
And everything is complicated!
Everyone has a lot of tools at your fingertips.
And choosing the right tool at the right time is not easy.

Your employees focus on what they think is most effective and that they are used to using at home.
Your company is looking, like its competitors, to federate all of its skills to improve its competitiveness.
Your IT must regularly integrate new uses, in a secure way and often in a constrained budget.
So how to find the Grail?

By circulating the energy of all in two complementary movements as a kind of collaborative YOGA!

From high to low :
– we frame business issues,
– we identify the productivity scenarios
– validate their economic relevance, their technical feasibility and their security conditions
– we make sure of their adoption

From the bottom to the top :
– we identify land uses that work
– we prioritize them and identify the different relays to co-build and promote them

So, you too are zen, fluidify your energies
in compliance with your security requirements.
Change your habits,
And gain in efficiency