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Class C purchases, do you care?
You know, all these supplies and these “small purchases” of lower costs, which a company can not do without.

Except for the costs, it looks more like an iceberg …
Discover here how to optimize them sustainably!

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Sophie, Director of Purchasing, is looking for a solution to optimize her class C purchases.
You know, these non-strategic purchases of small amount in appearance but hidden costs
very high !

Yet Sophie needs to accurately assess all of her costs, to define a plan
She decides to call Pierre, his consultant Manutan!

To meet this need, Manutan developed the Savin’side method.
With this approach, Sophie can analyze all of her costs and evaluate her savings
potential, through 6 levers:

– The deployment of the agreement
– Product optimization
– Supplier rationalization
– The digitization of transactions
– The optimization of logistics
– And continuous improvement
In the case of Sophie’s company, the diagnosis thus established highlights 3 axes
She decides to attack 2 of them.

She observes that a large part of her purchases are spread over many suppliers,
while the Manutan offer can cover all of its needs.
It also realizes that its e-procurement solution is only used by 25% of

With the help of Pierre, she sets up her plan of progress.
6 months later,
Sophie and Pierre meet for a balance sheet.
They find a saving of 20%!
Sophie will now be able to focus on optimizing logistics.

If you also want to optimize your class C purchases, contact us without delay!