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So your business is flourishing and you’re opening offices and subsidiaries all over the world? Good for you! But are you sure you’re prepared to efficiently manage your expatriate personnel? Legal, financial, social matters…there’s so much to think about. So the best way to handle it is to choose ITX as your Global Mobility Partner. From on request study to full operational and custom-made solutions, ITX can meet any of your needs. Want to know more about the leading expatriate management company? Check this video or go to !

Video transcript


Hey you… yeah you!

So… your business is booming and you’re opening subsidiaries everywhere?



But now comes the tricky part… managing your expatriate personnel…

Legal, financial and HR matters ; immigration and relocation issues…

So much to handle…

But no need to stress out over it!


We’re here for you.

We who?

ITX of course: the leading expatriate management company!

I’m Vincent, your ITX guide…

…and this is what we do!

Our specialties: international mobility consulting and expatriate management.

Our assets: years of expertise in legal, HR and compensation and benefits areas

Our goal: help you simplify your expatriation programs, better manage your costs and be compliant.


Our strategic tool: your Global Employment Company…

…an entity, wholly owned by you and operated by our experts, which employs and manages your international workforce.


This externalized in-house center of expertise helps you keep track of all your expatriates and securely deploy them.

And with custom-made international and operational mobility policies, your GEC standardizes all the processes and make your expatriates feel everywhere at home.


So now you know what to do to keep on thriving!

Chose ITX as your Global Mobility Partner!

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