Interparking – No need to proceed to checkout anymore,
thanks to the P-Card…


The P-Card is in use in all Interparking spaces, that is to say, in more than 70 quality car parks totalizing over 40,000 parking spaces.


The P-Card is really a find which saves you a lot of time. Why? First, because you do not have to stop at the payment terminal anymore and thus avoid long waiting times; then because you no longer have to worry about finding your lost ticket…


And your benefits do not cease there…
Have a look on this hand drawn video and discover the P-Card of Interparking.


Annie just went shopping and comes back carrying all of her shopping bags… But when she gets to the payment machine, she encounters the same problem as always…


Where is her ticket? She puts her bags on the ground, checks her pockets, turns her handbag upside­down… What a hassle just to get her hands on the ticket!


A little later, Paul parks his car in the car park for the night. The next morning, when it’stime to pay and leave, not only does he not have any change to pay, but he has to sort through his 25 tickets to find the right one…


Annie and Paul would be a lot better off using Interparking’s Pcard+.  It allows you to park in over 70 quality car parks in Belgium and offers access to more than 40,000 parking spaces.


The driver scans his/her Pcard+ at the car­park exit. He no longer needs to go via the payment machines and thus saves some precious time. Not only does this card make his life a lot easier, but he can also benefit from reductions and very attractive special prices.


It’s very easy to use and very easy to order ! Visit the website and enter the information in a few minutes. As a private user, you will receive your Pcard+ free of charge by mail. Each time you use a car park, your credit­card is debited directly.


For a company, all your transactions are invoiced at the end of every month. No need to track down the tickets or to collect them any more! That’s handy for managing the parking budget and obtaining VAT refunds if applicable.


On the Internet, you’ll be able to consult all the transactions showing the time spent per parking session and the corresponding amount debited.


What’s more, your Pcard+ is compatible with MOBIB technology, which allows you to charge the Pcard+ with your public transport tickets and to have only one single card for all your means of transport.


So, do it like Annie and Paul ­ park in one easy move.


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