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Astronautics is the science devoted to space navigation and, to this end, the IAF was founded in 1951 to promote dialogue between scientists around the world and support international cooperation in all activities related to space.
The Federation is the leading global organization defending the rights of space with over 300 members , including all space agencies , companies , corporations , associations and institutions across 66 countries.

It is the source of many conferences and symposia designed to create meetings and exchanges and, in accordance with its mission of preparing the workforce of tomorrow , it actively supports a growing number of activities targeting students and young professionals .

This illustrated video will give you a clearer demonstration of this and you can also visit the IAF website.




Transcript :


Carla is studying Engineering in a University member of the IAF, the International Astronautical Federation. It’s her first time at the International Astronautical Congress. She meets Li, an entrepreneur who uses the IAC as a networking platform to promote his newly developed business.
Li explains that the IAC is organized by the IAF, a Federation founded in 1951 to connect all space players around the world. Today it counts more than 300 member organizations from more than 60 countries, including space agencies, industries, societies, universities, etc… In addition to the IAC, the IAF organizes many other events, such as Global Conferences.
Carla is excited about the incredibly rich program of the IAC, presenting more than 1 800 papers in 20 parallel technical streams covering all space aspects;
a plenary program of keynotes and roundtables with top-level space industry and agencies leaders ; an international space exhibition ; dedicated programs for students and young professionals ; a global networking forum ; many social events and technical tours.
Waouh Carla is impressed!
For Li’s business it’s very useful to come to the IAC to make international contacts and close business deals with global partners. Li’s start-up became a member of the IAF 3 years ago.
Li himself is strongly involved in the IAF activities and he joined 2 IAF committees. Li’s company is currently doing very well, also thanks to the IAF network.
Li has already met Olivia, a top-level space agency official from the UK at a previous IAC and
he would like to introduce Carla to her.
Olivia shares her experience of the IAF.
She has been active in the Federation for more than 20 years,
first as a representative in the IAF General Assembly
and then as a member and chair of different technical and administrative commitees.
She is today one of the 12 Vice Presidents in the IAF Bureau, responsible for “Outreach and
Professional Development”.
Olivia, Li and Carla are catching up on the past 3 years.
Li’s company was an exhibitor at the last 2 IACs and it is now also sponsoring the Global
Carla has finished her studies and has been recognized as an IAF Young Space Leader
thanks to her deep involvement in the IAF activities.
She is now looking for a job.
Olivia created a new mentoring program within the Federation and also won the IAF
Distinguished Service Award.
Olivia and Li are very impressed with Carla’s work in the IAF community
and Li decides to offer Carla a job in his company.
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