Helloo, your 4 in 1 solution for a successfull personal Internet experience

At the opposite of most online tools, this one gives you a totally different and new approach in experiencing the web.
It is not just a social network, it is not just a search engine. In fact, it is all that together in one single app. To be more precise, it is a “multi focus” application that will change the way you surf and share on the web, and will show you how simple it can be to find, save, like and share in the digital world…
Of course, the best is to set your own opinion by watching this whiteboard animation… You’ll like it!




Hello and… Helloo!
Most online tools focus on a single aspect of your online experience.
It would be nice to Discover, Save, Like, and Share your favorite things with your contacts from a single place on the Internet!
Helloo, is THE solution: a personal social search engine!
If Internet were a book, the width of its spine would take you beyond the Moon!
With Helloo you can bookmark any chapter with custom theme-based lists.
With Helloo you can save any article, video, image or website you come across.
And Helloo helps you find new articles related to the ones you have highlighted!
Like & Share!
You can Like and Share your favorite content with all or part of your network: friends, your work team, or your entire family.
So join in the fun, and come say Helloo to the future of social networking!