HEC give you the keys to find the job of yours dreams…

Logo HECThe position of CFO in a start-up requires a certain amount of passion, creativity and enthusiasm …
HEC explains how to increase your chances of success in this way and especially how to access this type of position. All this illustrated as tips in this pop up video below …





Transcript :



Corporate Finance professionals: Go and land your dream job in a start-up


At a certain stage in their development,
start-ups do need a CFO !


But, wait a minute!
Are you really sure that being a CFO in a start-up is a dream-job?


Maybe you’re going to spend your days and nights working!
For a remuneration package that’s mostly based on promises,
In an open space environment
dominated by the founders’ personality.


So, you need to choose a start-up that matches you.


Let’s be honest – if you’re looking for a quiet job, don’t go and work for a start-up!
On the other hand, if you’re looking for variety,
and if you like the unexpected, you’re in the right place.


You’re going to need a lot of passion.
On the technical side, sharpen your ‘Swiss army-knife’ mentality.
Don’t be afraid of getting your hands dirty.
But, it’s your mindset that will make the difference – commitment, understanding, enthusiasm!


So, how can I find this dream-job of mine?
In most cases, that’s when they are in a phase of transformation that start-ups look for a CFO


Maximise your networking opportunities; be present at the right time


Rencontrez les chasseurs de têtes et les fonds d’investissement,
Meet with head-hunters and investment funds,


And why not go and set up your office in a ‘co-working’ space to meet with the start-ups?


So go on then! Let’s start the adventure!



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