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Logo HECTo market means: using marketing methods to position a product, company or position in their competitive environment, and if you are a corporate financier, you need to apply this concept on a daily basis. HEC explain you how through this Pop up video and gives you the keys to put some chili in your post …




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Corporate Finance professionals – How to promote your role within your company


For sure, on a day to day basis,
if you have tools totally under control
if you secure financial compliance
and if you protect the company’s key interests, it’s already very good.


But if, on top, you are able to give up your financial jargon `
and to go beyond the technicalities of finance in order to listen to the business needs,
if you know how to provide answers and to formulate them in the company language,
that’s even better, isn’t it?


When facing your company’s transformation,
if you part of the structuring projects, it’s a good thing for sure!


if, on top, you know how to clearly explain the chosen strategy
and the “business model’s rationale in order to reassure,
If you know how to structure operations
while respecting the company rhythm and DNA


in order to provide security without paralyzing processes,
if you know how to properly allocate resources to projects
so as to maximise results,
if you know how to be attentive to the people
in order to build trust and federate them,


in a word, if you know how to become a pioneer leading transformation, that’s even better, isn’t it?


So, Corporate Finance professionals, if you want to promote your role within your company,
stay strong using your skills as a basis, but step out of your comfort zone!


Drop your financial jargon and dive into your company’s DNA.
Put yourselves in others’ shoes to understand their point of view and lead them.
In a nutshell, embrace the motto “be square inside, and round outside”.