If you are fresh graduate and look for the ideal job,
The Group Mars can help you …


It may well be that The Group MARS fulfills your expectations. Discover the advantages of joining this company ranked 2nd among companies where it is good to work in France!
Discover this concept in pictures in this superb video illustrated below … and for more information, visit the MARS Group website.





Transcript :


The diploma in pocket, not so easy to find the ideal job.
Sofiane is freshly graduated from a business school and Chloe from an engineering school.
They would see themselves in a company that embodies values ​​that resemble them.
With a job that gives pride of place to the initiative and offers important responsibilities from the start.


And this is where they discover MARS and its universe. A family group founded in 1911, located in 78 countries and with 80,000 Associates in various sectors of agri-food.
A real world of opportunities for talent!


At Mars, the ambitions of the sparkling Chloé will find a ground to grow. His ideas will naturally be welcomed and listened to by the steering committee. Sofiane will be able to satisfy her curiosity and be an actor in her career and development.


They will become “Associates”, a real win-win partnership:
Sofiane and Chloé are committed to making a difference around the 5 Principles, the company’s true DNA while they will be treated with respect, fairness and goodwill.
Their skills will be valued while preserving the well-being and harmonious balance between work and private life.


The icing on the cake: Chloé and Sofiane will discover a system of remuneration and recognition very motivating.


It’s no coincidence that MARS has been awarded the Great Place To Work label for several years! You too, join The Group MARS, the 2nd company where it is good to work in France!