Geneanet, to go further in your family tree

If you are looking for specific and targeted information about your family, and want to draw a very complete family tree, Geneanet can certainly do something for you.
Especially if you do not want to waste time on this road towards the discovery of your ancestors. This hand drawn video shows you how to do this…


Annette’s been working on her family genealogy for a good few years now. She’s managed to recover certain information but she’d like to take it a little further.
At her friend Henry’s place, she’s surprised to find a very complete family tree. Henry explains that he’s done all that on Geneanet, the site that they both use to do their genealogy work.
“Thanks to the advanced search options, you can target your searches better so that you find more details, and more quickly.” He tells her.
You should do like me – take it a step further and get a Premium subscription. You’d enjoy lots of special features: faster searches, access to lots more data and to the genealogical library. More reliable information, with errors detected more easily and all that ad-free”.
Annette, a little emotional, can already see the family jigsaw-puzzle being completed.
“And that’s not all! You get alerts that help you find new leads, and you can even get answers from all over the world!
I’ve had a look on the internet! Geneanet is the best site on the market and the cheapest! It’s simple, quick and reliable!
Annette’s enthusiastic, and immediately decides to become a Premium member! In this way, the travelling all over the place is finished. She’s finally going to be able to complete her family’s genealogy!
Become a Premium member!