ESAM – The school that develops the entrepreneurial spirit…

For the one who has the spirit of entrepreneurship and who feels appealed by the entrepreneurial adventure, the entrance exam to the ESAM can be the beginning of such a professional adventure…
The ‘Grande Ecole’ Program of the ESAM made Luke a happy entrepreneur, close to the Asian markets, while it allowed Laura to be hired in a large group, through the Master she obtained with the work-study program.
Like them, you may be tempted by a professional future oriented to the international… being one of the leaders of tomorrow open to the world… Then, why not to start by watching this whiteboard animation, just made for you…?


And this is a sub-titled version of the same video. Very usefull if played in a quiet or silent place…




Laura wants to work in international finance. During one of the Open Days at ESAM, she discovers the originality of the ‘Grande Ecole’ Program, the entrepreneurial spirit fostered there, the strong international ties and links with the corporate world.
She’s convinced so she decides to register for the entrance exam.
Laura is admitted to ESAM! A school that trains the managers, entrepreneurs and decision-makers of tomorrow – who develop a global vision of the world. Right in the first semester, she leaves for a week in the USA in Silicon Valley for a seminar on entrepreneurship culture.
While she’s there, she meets Paul who’s also an ESAM student. Paul was attracted by the school’s international dimension in tune with the business world.
He’s chosen to go abroad for 27 months over the five years, to study Mandarin in addition to English in order to acquire a multicultural profile – highly valued by companies.
Paul, who wants to start his own company, has lots of questions for the speakers during the Entrepreneur’s Day which is held every year at ESAM. Their expertize allow him to develop his business project.
And there’s the ESAM spirit: the sports, artistic and cultural activities, the evenings with friends, everything that helps forge long-lasting connections.
At the end of her 3rd year, Laura decides to do her ‘Professional Masters’ in the work-study program. She wants to develop professional skills before graduating.
As for Paul, he’s following his masters’ program full-time and will do his last six-month internship in Asia in an incubator.
Laura and Paul have graduated!
The quality of Laura’s final year project, her internships and the years spent in work-study have convinced a large group to offer her a permanent contract.
She’s lucky… like 90% of her class-mates.
Paul has created his company in France, working closely with the Asian markets.
And he has come back to ESAM to give advice to tomorrow’s entrepreneurs.