AdBlue is a liquid that reduces your impact on the environment …
Did you know ? Your diesel vehicle causing nitrogen dioxide emissions and today ‘s environmental protection standards have changed …
The solution exists and most manufacturers have adopted a new technology, it’s AdBlue.
It is a soluble colorless liquid that looks like water or the washer fluid , which reduces the impact of your car on the planet . It is used by many vehicles , truck tractor through the van or car. To find out a little more , watch the video below or visit the website of AdBlue.


Transcript vidéo

Florence has put a lot of miles on the clock in her new diesel that she bought 6 months ago.
But today a warning light she has never seen before has appeared on the dashboard display.
This indicates that her “Adblue” tank is almost empty and needs filling.
Adblue is the registered trade-mark for a colourless liquid made up of water and urea which is directly injected into the engine’s exhaust outlet.
In this way a diesel engine reduces its nitrogen dioxide emissions by 90% and thus respects the thresholds indicated in the Euro 6 European standard.
Florence wonders where she can get Adblue and if the car will breakdown without it.
Once the tank if completely empty the engine will no longer start.
But not to worry, when the warning first light appears she will still have 1500 miles before the runs dry.

As soon as the warning light comes on, 5 litres of Adblue should be put in the tank and then the warning light will go out.
Adblue can be found in most service stations.
Every certified Adblue pump or container complies with the ISO standard guaranteeing its safe use with suitably equipped vehicles.
Florence can fill the tank herself.
The tank can be found in one of 3 locations depending on the vehicle model:
in the luggage compartment, under the bonnet or inside the fuel tank filler cover.
Adblue use is perfectly safe, but can stain!
Keep it away from the sun, rain and extreme temperatures.
If stored at a temperature below 25°C, it can be used for up to a year.
For more information about Adblue and your car, go to myadblue.co.uk