Elan Edelman : two Lions of PR compete to represent France
at the “Young PR Lions” Contest in June 2016 in Cannes

Graziella and Charlotte are two communication consultants from Elan Edelman Agency. Their goal ? Represent France at the “Young PR Lions” contest which takes place in Cannes in June 2016. But in order to achieve this, they must win the selection stage first, which is held in Paris from March 10th…


This whiteboard animation is their application and answers the four questions imposed for this selection. A very creative and funny answer, whose colors are as sparkling as these two cubs from Elan Edelman.





In the summer of 1989, somewhere in Paris and London two cosmic lion cubs were born, 19 days & 344 km apart. Into linguistic lionesses they grew, they travelled the world and soon they found themselves working in PR.


Much like languages, they saw PR as a form of mediation, a way of engaging people in meaningful conversation in order to achieve positive change. And so in their thirst and passion for the profession they found each other – two lions amongst “deer” companions. They talked about campaigns which inspired them…


Like the Vangardist’s HIV-positive issue – a magazine which decided to lift the taboo. They were inspired by the audacity of the campaign, by how innovation in format was used to spark debate and how cleverly it tackled a real insight that people feared contamination.


And so, naturally, the two lions decided to embark upon a journey – their creative mecca – to meet their fellow creative cubs in Cannes.


Why should they win? Because they are lions.


They have a natural sense of smell for insight, a creative pounce in their step, and an insatiable appetite for forging a new generation of PR in France and beyond. And because it’s a jungle out there… and we all know that Lions are King of the jungle…