Ekia – A new organic cream from the anti-aging
products expert brand

Eating organic food is good for health, good for the planet, and finally, this speaks to more and more people. Less known are organic initiatives in the field of cosmetics.
Ekia has just created a cream entirely made of natural and organic products, and this scribing video present it to you.


Olivia is spending the afternoon at her friend Alice’s place.
She’s little Thibaut’s Godmother ­ he’s 4 years old today. Her present to him is a beautiful
explorer’s ship.

The little boy is delighted and comes to give her a big kiss. Olivia smiles at him, overjoyed.
Suddenly, Thibaut says “ when you smile you look like Grandma, your face is all wrinkly.”
It’s a real cold shower!

That evening, at home she looks in the mirror and realises that in addition to the wrinkles,
her skin is starting to sag!
Depressed, Olivia calls her mother, Colette who of course reassures her.
She advises her to start using the new The Creme Originelle by Ekia.
Olivia is sceptical. She’s only 35 years old! She’s not going to start using a cream by the specialist brand for mature skins…

Her mother answers that that’s just the point ­ Ekia’s just launched a new organic cream for women between the ages of 35 and 45.
Oh, oh! Olivia squirms… she eats organic, but for her face, she finds that ORGANIC…
It stinks, it ‘s sticky and it doesn’t work!

Her mother’s a little annoyed. She starts her speech…
“It’s not the eighties anymore ­ it’s 2015! Organic cosmetics have really developed!
Isn’t it obvious that organic oils and natural active ingredients are better for your skin,
more compatible and much better assimilated than petroleum derivatives?”

Olivia isn’t totally convinced…
But the day after, passing in front of a specialist boutique, she goes in and finds out some more…

The beauty advisor explains: “The Creme Originelle by Ekia contains more than 12 active ingredients from all over the world” ­

A collagen and elastin booster extracted from the sap of an Amazonian tree.
It is the most powerful anti­oxydant in the world and allows more than 40% cellular

a skin­cell life­extending ingredient
an energy cocktail
natural botox
a moisture retainer
a collagen booster
a skin toning agent
an anti dark­spots agent
and an environmental shield

The Creme Originelle by Ekia also contains organic vegetable oils and a guarana water to energise and tone the skin. Allergen­free and with no essential oils!

Olivia is convinced and buys the cream to test it.
The same evening she applies it…
It’s so mild !
It’s cool and it smells great!
Her skin is fuller, smoother and toned.

3 weeks later, she’s having diner with friends.
Thibaut climbs up on her lap, gives her a kiss and hands her his teddy bear.
“It’s funny ­ your skin is as soft as my teddy!”

Who better than EKIA, the anti­aging expertise brand, to prevent your skin aging?