Education First a good way to increase his mastery of English.

Whatever is your demand about learning English, Education First responds by offering various solutions to meet your needs .. With 50 years of experience , Education First supports more than 2,500 companies for their language training, but look at this little drawn video that will tell you much more or please connect at the dedicated website.



Transcript :



When facing the challenges of a global market, training your teams means giving them strong
English, the language of business, is one of these cornerstones.
And for employees, being fluent in English means opening up new career opportunities.


With 50 years of experience, 500 schools and offices worldwide, and millions of on-line learners,
Education First supports more than 2,500 companies in their language training.


Whatever your needs, EF has a suitable English training solution for you:
immersion, face to face, virtual lessons, or a mixture of these.


Take Stéphane, the Training Manager of a company that’s opening a subsidiary in Boston.
Thierry, his Sales Manager, has to improve his English very quickly.
“my tailor is rich…”


EF’s recommendation is to do two weeks’ immersion in one of its schools specially run for
professionals with a programme to specifically boost his negotiation and presentation skills.


For the Research and Development experts, 6 months of training alternating between face-to-face
and virtual-learning with a single teacher is the most suitable way to foster international co-


Finally, for all the employees who have to communicate regularly in English, EF’s virtual school, with its conversation classes, will make them more confident in their written skills as well as their oral skills.
Stéphane even has an integrated reporting tool so that he can monitor their progress!


Like Stéphane, give Education First a call to build a language training programme that’s tailored for your company.