Between EDF and its employees, this is an elearning story…

More and more, faster and faster, Internet becomes the playground of all human activities. Training is a part of it, and you can learn almost everything there using e-learning, Mooc and other online tutorials. The huge advantage of this all is that one stays the actor of his training and can learn everything at his own speed, according to his own schedule…
EDF is quite aware of this, and adapts continually its internal training sessions to the requirements of its business but also to the learning methods now available with the digital innovation. This whiteboard animation shows it to you in a very simple and interesting way.




It’s 2020, Eva and Theo both work for EDF.
At home they use the Internet more and more to learn on a daily basis.
When Theo wants to try out a new recipe, he goes online to
When Eva needs to repair her bike wheel, she looks for a tutorial on Youtube!
And when they’re debating an issue between friends, they do it with the help of Wikipedia and their social networks.
Eva does a technical job which is evolving very quickly.
She likes to learn by doing things by herself.
She practices her new technical skills thanks to serious games, simulators, a virtual environment, risk-free, accompanied by a trainer or an experienced colleague.
As for Theo, he works in a support function, which the digital era is deeply transforming.
To adapt to this reactively, he trains himself with video resources and e-learning, calling in the assistance of an on-line tutor if needed.
As he really loves learning with those who have experience, he also links up with his professional practice community.
He appreciates the fun role-plays between colleagues, very effective to practice dealing with complex situations.
Eva wants to be able to develop her career in this job she’s passionate about.
She does a self-assessment of her skills to prioritise the training that she needs
She’d like to get a certificate with the help of a blended learning course
which alternates distance learning with collaborative-work and professionalisation through on-the-job situations.
As for Theo, he knows that he’s going to change job during the course of his career.
He’s getting trained to be ready for this and to be able to re-orient more easily.
With the help of a professional career-path advisor, he decides to widen his skill-base by taking part in the on-line collaborative courses called MOOCs.
EDF is constantly adapting its internal training offer to the Group’s stakes, to the needs of the various jobs and to the learning methods of its time.
Eva and Theo are active players in their training.
They design their training path, with their managers, by integrating the recommended training, the skills expected by the company, their career plans and their ways of learning.