Between EDF and its collaborators, it’s a training story …

More and more, more and more quickly, the Internet becomes the playground of all human activities. Training is one of them, and you can learn almost anything using e-learning, Mooc, and other online tutorials. The huge advantage is that we remain the actor of his training.

EDF is fully aware of this, and continually adapts its internal training to the requirements of its business but also to the means of learning now. This video animation on whiteboard proves it simply.

Transcript video

It’s 2020, Eva and Théo are both working at EDF.

At home, they use more and more internet to learn everyday.
When Theo wants to try a new recipe, he connects to Marmiton.
When Eva needs to repair her bike wheel, she’s looking for a tutorial on YouTube! And when they discuss a topic with friends, it is with the help of Wikipedia and their social networks that they do it.

Eva has a technical profession that evolves very quickly.
She likes to learn by doing things on her own. It is with online 3D animation videos that she chooses to learn about the technologies related to her activities.
She trains with new professional gestures thanks to
serious game,
the virtual environment,
without risk,
accompanied by a trainer or an experienced colleague.

Theo, he, has a tertiary profession, that digital transforms in depth.
To adapt responsively, it is formed with resources in video and e-learning, using an online tutor if necessary.
Because he enjoys learning with those who have experience, he also connects to his community of professional practices. He appreciates the playful situations, between colleagues, very effective to train to deal with complex situations.

Eva wants to be able to evolve in this job which fascinates her.
She self-diagnoses her skills to prioritize the training she needs.
She would like to obtain a certification thanks to a training that alternates modalities at a distance, collaborative works, and professionalisation in work situation (blended learning).

Theo knows that he will change jobs during his career.
It is formed to better prepare for it and to be able to reorient itself more easily. He decides, with the support of a career counselor, to expand his knowledge by taking online collaborative courses called MOOCs.

EDF constantly adapts its internal training offer to the Group’s challenges, to the business requirements, to the learning methods of its time.
Eva and Théo are actors in their training.
They develop, with their managers, their training courses, according to the skills expected by the company, their professional project, and their ways of learning.

How do you want to develop your skills and prepare for your future in 2020?