The EDF Foundation salute and pay tribute to the commitments …
Engagement with works and associations, through the examples mentioned, can take all forms. They are punctual, or over several years, they provide these men and women a sense of accomplishment and sharing. By making this tribute, the EDF Foundation invites everyone wishing to commit to joining them …
This video will tell you more.

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Do you want to make yourself useful?
In France or internationally … integration, education, health, are areas where all commitments are possible.
At EDF, thousands of people have already made a reality!

Rudy, has chosen to become sponsor of France Festival to encourage digital initiatives and solidarity in music festivals.
A commitment of one year that fills this fan of digital!

Alexandra wanted to put her skills to the service of young homophobia victims during a “Pro Bono Marathon”.
A one-day team operation, from which she came out boosted with a feeling of doing, on her scale, a real difference.

Frederic, employee of ENEDIS in Perpignan, organizes with his association, “Courires66”. races for disabled children.
Initiative for which the EDF Foundation has donated 20 000 €, allowing him to forget to these children, the time of a friendly effort, their difficulties of everyday life.

Francis him, left for 3 weeks in Benin on his working time to equip a college and a health center of photovoltaic panels.
A unique experience for this Parisian setting with a big heart.

Whatever the nature of the commitment, all agree to say it!
They feel a sense of purpose and the pleasure of fulfilling themselves!
If like Alexandra, Rudy, Frédéric, Françis, and all the others you want to make your contribution to the building. Push the door of the EDF Foundation …
The time of a day or a year, a life or a click …
You will find an idea … to help …!