Vivre EDF Online : the collaborative innovation platform…

The purpose of this explanatory video was, for EDF, to make the collaborative innovation platform “Vivre EDF Online” known to all Group employees. A place for the sharing of hundreds of ideas and challenges put online by the employees of all the group’s businesses, in France and abroad, from which emerge real innovations that many industrial and commercial sites can adopt subsequently…

Thierry’s been working for EDF for more than 15 years.
The Martigues thermal power plant is his stronghold.
By the way, he’s already submitted ideas to the job challenge innovation to make life easier for the employees on the site.
Thierry thinks that his idea might be of interest to other employees in the group.
But he doesn’t know how to do it… As for Julie, who works in the Sales Departement regularly takes part in the continuous improvement of her job.
Moreover she’s submitted an idea to Vivre EDF Online to improve the running of its Customer Relations Centre.
Today, Thierry logs on to Vivre EDF Online; he discovers Julie’s idea, and at the same time an innovative participative platform.
These are hundreds of ideas and challenges put on line by employees in all the job-types, all over France and abroad.
All suggestions are welcome, wether they seem off-beat or “seen before” from the little practical detail to an advanced technical design.
Convinced, Thierry takes the plunge.
His idea to make life easier for the staff in Martigues quickly gains the support.
Gerard, a hydraulic excavator operator and Myriam, Sourcing Manager, make some suggestions whereas Julie even adds a little detail that Thierry hadn’t though about !
Easy and faset. Impossible before.
Finally, thanks to the exchanges and expertise from all corners.
Thierry’s idea was adopted by several industrial and tertiary sites.
Wow! That’s some recognition!
And he’s really enjoying the teamwork with all those who’ve helped this lovely project succeed!
A great opportunity for the different jobs to meet up and to weave a true spririt of Innovation at EDF.
You too, take up the innovations challenge on Vivre EDF Online.