Cloozi, the platform that allows you to create your
website quickly and as a pro …

Because it is easy to use, its price is affordable for all, it uses a proven and efficient technology (WordPress), and for many other reasons, Cloozi is worthy of interest. You should definitely take a closer look at this videoscribe.
Especially since it was for us an opportunity (at the request of the customer) to realize it in “motion design” style. Enjoy the mix true drawing and digital …




Tom wants to create his website!
It’s a real struggle…
It’s going to cost him a fortune and it’s going to take forever with all the back-and-forth, the
content to write, and then the modifications…
He’ll still be working on it in 3 months… Bah…!
What’s more, with all the new search engine rules,
like having a Smartphone-friendly and tablet-friendly site,
his site is really going to plunge into the depths of the search-engine rankings.
Fortunately, Tom meets Cloozi, a platform that listens to his needs.
With our help, she tells him, creating a website has become really easy.
We have lots of advantages: an unbeatable price, accessible to really everyone.
The site is created in record time, in a few clicks.
You are completely independent; you do your updating in 1 click.
And if you’ve got a question, or if you’re stuck,
there’s always someone at the end of the line to accompany and guide you.
You’re also independent on the administrative side.
And, because you’re really the owner of your site,
you can get it hosted somewhere else at any time.
No worries!
Your site will be very well positioned on search engines
because I use WordPress, which is a world-famous technology.
WordPress allows you to have permanently up-dated sites.
So, your site will stay efficient and trendy in 6 months, 1 year, 5 years…
I’m driven by your interests so I offer 4 plans (depending on your needs):
1/ a storefront plan, for all professionals and ASSOCIATIONS or other structures, with an
unlimited number of pages, photos or video, a contact form, geolocation, a portfolio for your
photos, a slideshow…
2/ A plan without a payment solution but with one or several catalogues and commercial and
marketing operations.       
3/ A plan for E-commerce sites with payment solutions.
4/ And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, call me.
I’ll always find the solution, even if you want to plug your coffee-machine into your website:
Cloozi will make the coffee!
Tom is delighted!
Check out our introductory offer and reserve your site…