BrandandShop, the platform to customize
your communication medias online, by CA Solutions …

BrandandShop is an effective and complete solution to set all of your communication medias together online. It allows your brand to centralize in a same space, all communication media and make them available to any of your stores. These can customize and adapt them to their local business operations, thus gaining in autonomy and relevance. And you, you stay informed in real time of all of these flows.
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Sophie is the retail chain marketing director. She drives the sales action plan.

For every action, she needs to spend a lot of time with her network to be able to meet the demand of certain stores concerning the delivery dates of their communication media and to remind those that haven’t ordered anything.

Moreover, the retail chain management would like to give more autonomy back to the stores, like authorising them to customize certain media with local special offers.

Sophie discovers the online ordering and customization platform Brand&Shop by CA Solutions.

Now she can centralize all her permanent or temporary needs of communication and place them at the network disposal.

The stores managers then adapt their communication to their local context.

For exempl, Steve, a store manager in Carcassonne, logs on and customizes his eight page brochure with a local special offer and so can be more relevant.

He validates his order in full knowledge of his budget.

As the production process is centralized, fast and economical, he gets his printed communication documents just five days later.

From her side, Sophie is informed of the orders and customizations carried out by the stores in real time and is even able to approve them.

The CFO is satisfied because the supplier referencing and their prices are managed thanks to Brand&Shop.

The accounts department saves precious time, thanks to the detailed invoicing. Her store and her supplier, which can be directly used.

You too can make life easier for you and for your stores. Give them autonomy for ordering and customization while at the same time keeping your brand image under control.

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