Bel explains the Boost mindset to its employees…

Having a great procedure for years, which has made an even more effective Bel Group, both in the work environment and in terms of sharing solutions between the various international entities, is not enough if it is not fully understood by all…
In answer to this, Bel asked us to conceive this explanatory video. Maybe can it inspire you to order your own video…



For many years now, Boost has been part of Bel factories. You can see big improvements in your workplace: it’s safer, it’s cleaner, and we are all better trained.

In the past, every Bel factory used to work with its own solution.
Now you can share solutions, and talk the same language across borders and cultures. It’s what makes Bel factories a group, it’s what makes Bel factories unique !

However we still see misunderstandings about Boost. With this poster and this movie, we want to share with you what Boost is for Bel.

Boost is a mindset that motivates us to reach excellence in our factories. So it’s not just a toolbox, but it’s what you do with the tools. It’s not about cutting costs but about our capability to improve. It’s not about the individual, but about sharing solutions and making each other stronger.

But what is excellence? Excellence is:
– You being safe
– A new machine running perfectly from day one
– High quality products produced the first time right and right on time!

We’re excellent:
– When we are the cost leader in the market, serving one billion customers
– When we take care of each other
– And of our planet.

Ambitious targets? Perhaps… but we dare to believe we can make it together!
When you think some targets look hard to reach, you will get the training and support you need, so that we can all move forward, day by day. And remember! It’s fun to be good! It gives you confidence!

Let’s all commit to make excellence a reality!