BearingPoint – Find out what really works with the Hypercube solution.

This message is intended for brands that actually want to increase their sales per square meter. Per square meter? Yes, because the Hypercube solution of Bearing Point is intended for the distribution businesses, and helps retailers who use it to solve the equation commonly encountered in this area: (really) optimizing outlets. To know about how Hypercube, combined with the retail experience of Bearing Point, stands out and works, it’s just a click below…




In the retail business, the optimisation of point of sale
performance often involves analysing data, most of which is
split into silos; very often, we merely
confirm preconceived assumptions without
identifying any solution.
Intertwined drivers are the main issue. The product is of
course at the centre, then comes the assortment, the
department, the store layout, customers, sales assistants,
marketing operations, the environment, etc.
So how can we possibly find what really works?
Our HyperCube Big Data approach and our expertise
in retail can help you solve that conundrum.
It’s a simple principle: we collect all the available data,
wherever they may come from…and they soon account for
millions of data. Our algorithm takes over, finds priorities and
identifies winning combinations.
We check these mathematical results against our
retail experience and only keep the relevant drivers.
We draw up an action plan together to quickly generalize
these existing good practices which had been ignored up to
this point. For example, we will give enhanced trainings to
some sales assistants, while prioritising new openings to
get closer to a competitor, or we will focus on assortments and
in-store advertising.
In short, we adapt ourselves, simplify, and deliver quickly.
The result? The retailers that we guided through this 8-week
exercise have systematically seen an increase in their revenue
per square meter in the same year!