ArtQuid, a simple idea that became a true social network dedicated to art…

The force of ArtQuid is to bring together millions of people worldwide, around art and its great diversity. The artists find the buyers of their works without moving from their studio; art lovers find their next favorite piece of art, and all find there the same pleasure to exchange and share their love of beauty and creativity.

A good place for art …





Sometimes great works come from a simple idea.

This is how ArtQuid was born, as a marketplace to discover,

buy and sell art online.


The community has rapidly grown to become a place where

artists and enthusiasts from around the world can share their

passion within a true social network dedicated to art.


The artist all by himself can now be seen by millions of

people. He opens an account for free, uploads photos of his

work in his customized gallery, and receives favorite votes

and critiques from just anywhere.


Art lovers looking for original works as well as talent scouts

just have to explore these galleries rich in diversity and

creativity to find treasures of paintings, sculptures, drawings,

photographs, digital art and unusual objects.


Today, the ArtQuid experience is boundless: a new world of

Art opens up in 3D…