Allianz tells the Global One adventure as an ocean-going… hand drawn video


The Global One project intended to simplify and standardize the Allianz France IS. Who knows this kind of project, knows also that it mobilizes a significant amount of resources, technical of course, but also, and above all, human. In fact, there are so many underlying projects dependent on each other in such an undertaking, it requires coordination at all times.


But without the participation and cooperation fully assumed by all, no coordination is possible. A bit like on a boat, where storms can follow the good weather so closely that only concerted and determined action by all sailors can rescue the ship of the disaster…


That is why Allianz wanted this hand drawn video to tell the Global One adventure as an “ocean-going story” and to thank to fair value all those who participated. An internal communication video (in French sub-titled in English) that makes you want to be a good sailor…



When they arrive at their cruise stopover, the crew and passengers of the ship Global One review the crossing : the ship could have sailed faster, taken more passengers on board. How can it be done? The officers ask themselves.


The officers, the crew and the passengers had the same intuition and shared the same conviction. “Let’s pool our efforts from the keel to the bridge and from the bow to the stern!” cries the captain!


The Business have contributed their drive with the management’s support. Together with the project they’ve chosen the right course, and found the right speed. The ship Global One was able to continue on its ambitious travel.


In the middle of summer, storm alert! What can we do? We need to think fast! A task force has been set up, the sails have been set, maneuvers have been carried out very quickly… Everyone has contributed!


And they’ve succeeded! Thanks to a spirit of cooperation and mutual help, thanks to all the productive exchanges, everyone turned behind a common objective, all the contributors to the program and the business users have managed to stick to the target!


The boat is flying like the wind, no way it’s going to change direction now. They’re sailing under full sail to develop customer service for existing and future customers.


All the hard effort has finally paid off. The R4.5 stopover has been reached! Bravo and thanks everyone! All together, let’s keep cutting through the waves to get to the next stopover. We’ll be able to face the heavy weather.