Do you need to create a good video, quickly, but on a tight budget? An interview-type video, for example? From a technical perspective, it is best to use a good camera and to pay attention to lighting for a best image, but this is not essential. For a powerful impact, in particular on a tight budget, we must focus on two most important things: the script and the acting.

Get by with the resources you have, but with professional support!

You will need to write a good script. You will need good storytelling for your video to be interesting and not bland. The problem is that not everyone has the talent to write a good script! This brings us to our concept, where, for a modest fee, professional scriptwriters can review, improve or even define your message. A well-invested small budget will greatly improve your final video. As far as acting is concerned, producing a video is not easy without a professional actor. In addition to the actor’s technical expertise, the delivery, the poise, the message, the voice, the look, the frame of mind, the emotion – the image shows everything!

  • How to manage your posture, your voice in front of a camera?
  • What message is it that you want to communicate?
  • Is it really clear to someone else, a random viewer without any background in your project?
  • Are you able to communicate your message without any inappropriate emotions sneaking in to your delivery, while remaining true to your personality?
  • Can you confidently present yourself?

We offer a personalised coaching service, provided by professionals from the acting world: Pauline Mille and Sabine Assouline. Pauline has created Personalised Coaching which helps artists promote their individual artistic personalities. In addition, drawing on her scriptwriting experience, she has been offering a new service in 2014 – custom scriptwriting for actors.

  • Script review and improvement – Fee: £75 (about 2 hours)
  • Coaching 1/2 day: £185 (in Paris, or travel expenses additional)
  • Coaching 1 day: £295 (in Paris, or travel expenses additional)

VideoTelling can thus provide professional help to create your video. From a couple of minutes to read and improve your script, to 1 full day for complete review and support during filming… We can also provide a cameraman/director who will provide all the material and take care of production… Some of our actors are also directors. They know all of the aspects and pitfalls of creating a good video, whatever your budget may be…

Avoid novice mistakes and get a much more attractive video with only a small investment.

Ask for Sabine and Pauline.


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