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If you want to take care of a limited group of key clients, nothing is better than a videobook to show off your company.

“If you want to make sure your message is seen, understood and imprinted in one’s mind, the videobook is the number one choice.”

Let’s assume you give out a videobook to a dozen or a hundred of chosen partners, like one does for an annual reporting or a strategic pamphlet. You can be certain that not only your message will be seen and understood, but it is also going to be shown around by those you gave it to, who will show it to other people and so on….


Will the videobook take over the costly printed reports that no one reads in the end ? The answer is undoubtedly YES

Videobook : expertise and nature

For a unit price of about ten euros, you will have an up-to-date and effective communication tool that will convey a creative image of your company and value your audience. Above all, it will carry out a striking message thanks to the powerful impact of storytelling. A talented artist will also attract attention by pinpointed display of demonstration and humour through fast drawing.


The videobook includes a colour screen and a speaker in a four-printed-pages document. On the surface, it looks like a pamphlet, but once you open it, an immediate “Wouaou” reaction happens.


Indeed, the video automatically triggers as you open the book and it immediately catches the attention of the viewers who can’t stop watching.


Of course, your video must be well conceived and extremely effective.


Videotelling’s experience and leadership in video scribing allows us to offer a complete Videobook suggestion : creation of the content and production of the support.

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  • USB port
  • Adaptable packaging
  • Creation of personalised visual
  • Integration of any kind of videos
  • Possibility of Play and Pause
  • Video starts as soon as you open the book
  • 2 formats of videobooks
  • 2 sizes of screen available

Then, how much does cost a Videobook


Everything is adjustable, from the size of the book to the size of the screen but also the quantity of buttons to pilot the video, the sound….


With our experience, we suggest a model which matches standard needs in order to have an interesting price-quality value. This is the reason why the production price below is calculated based on this model :


  • 40 books
  • An A4 format Videobook with 10mm thickness
  • LCD color screen 7″ with 800×480 pixels resolution
  • 4 buttons (volume +, volume -, Play and Stop)

45€ excluding VAT for one copy, 1800€ excluding VAT for 40 copies.

Global budget for the production of a Videobook in 40 copies :


  • Graphic production (model, page setting) : 850€ excluding VAT
  • Creation of a standard 1min30 video scribing : 3340€ excluding VAT
  • Production of 40 copies of the videobook : 1800€ excluding VAT
  • Total : 5990€ excluding VAT


The production of a videobook is usually done in small quantity. In case of bulk-buying, a special price can be negotiated. Electronic devices (screen, speaker, electronic card, buttons…) are bought in China. The printing and manual editing of all the videos are realized in France

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