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How do you stand out from the crowd?

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The problem is rather simple. With the development of technologies, all companies – really all (from the self-employed to the multinational) – can have their corporate film. On the other hand, the public has became compulsive in their audio-visual consumption. As early as January 2012, 800 million users of the famous Youtube platform were viewing 4 million videos… per day!


So, how, in the middle of this tidal wave of films, can you get recognised? How to ensure that a corporate video be viewed and shared and that it accomplishes its mission of creating business? How to become unforgettable in the middle of dozens of videos that your prospective customer will view during the day?


The corporate film: definition


The institutional or “corporate” film,in English, is a short film, made at the request of a company, in order to present and promote its activities, its history, its skills and its values. Usually lasting a few minutes, it was initially designed for an internal audience (the employees, partners, shareholders and suppliers of the company), and is now more and more for the general public. In the latter case, corporate videos meet another objective than that of the commercial product film or video.


In the marketing strategy, this video allows you to create business by generating leads (contact registered with a potential customer) and helping prospects to get to know the company better. We are not merely talking about the product or service, but what there is around it, the skills necessary for their implementation, the values that support the company’s projects The corporate film brings the prospect backstage, offering a glimpse of the wonderful mechanics that lead to the product. For 71% of consumers, watching a company video gives a good impression of the brand, product or service.


Making a mark with your brand


Right, from now on the public has the choice. It is no longer limited to 6 TV channels. Several multimedia channels give the customer daily access to an ocean of videos. To avoid your company film drowning, choose creativity.


But be careful, trying to get aesthetic one-upmanship and over-doing special effects will not necessarily prevent your visual gem from shipping water. And your budget will suffer from it. Also, the weariness of the public is too often underestimated.


Animation, however seems to have avoided this fatigue. In fact, it has only rather recently been democratized with new data-processing technologies. Motion design, 3D animation, offers many opportunities where innovation lends a fun and pleasant aspect.


However, if you want to surprise your prospects, we make a more radical formal proposal – video scribing or whiteboard animation in other words. Let’s forget about the 3D, the drones, the dollies and all the tremor! Let’s come back to something simple and concrete – drawing. Basically, it is the very first means of expression of a human being. If you want something marvelous, choose explanatory video in whiteboard animation for your corporate film .
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Quantity versus quality


Drawing is connected with childhood, with the visual pleasure of discovering a shape as the hand makes its gesture. This sets the limits of the representation solely on the talent of the illustrator. Video scribing throws the door of creativity wide-open for institutional films. With such a strong formal choice, your corporate video has a chance of standing out.


But, is this sufficient in itself? No. Honestly not. Another ingredient needs to be added to the creativity. That ingredient is quantity. Right, we can always hope to create a buzz with a brilliant, funny or unexpected corporate film. There are examples of that. But a real buzz is difficult to predict.


Quantity is a better guarantee than quality. Make several corporate videos – a presentation film, product videos, a Web series, interviews with animation, etc. And broadcast them on all possible and conceivable channels! You will then have leads in abundance, traffic on your Internet site, and people talking about you.


Okay, but we might blow our budget, right?
The average cost of an institutional film is still €25,000!
That’s right. However, this is where opting for explanatory video is once again a wise choice.

The price of a ‘classic’ corporate film equals the rate of 5 to 7 explanatory videos in whiteboard animation. Finally, you can have both quantity and quality.


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