Depending on your specific needs you can add options to the graphic style package you choose below.

1. Choosing your graphic style

Example video
Graphic styleDescriptionPRICE (excl VAT) FOR 1MIN30
A very attractive package for a high-quality hand-drawn video. This is possible with some limitations: not many decors and drawings per board and a simplified process. The animation is done by Pop-up with some transition effects.€3090
 Basic Motion GraphicsA beautiful animation at an attractive price because the drawings are selected from a large database of illustrations.€3790
 Whiteboard Animation
Our best seller since 2013: The artist you chose draws what the voice says with erasable markers on a whiteboard.€3990
This is the digital equivalent of Whiteboard animation: the drawings are created on a graphic tablet, the ever-present hand is artificially added. It is no longer the real hand of the artist at work. The result is more colourful and modern.€3990
 WatercoloursWatercolours, felts, India ink, crayons, charcoal… We offer you several paper techniques to get an exceptional graphic result. This technique, similar to whiteboard, creates a unique aesthetic effect.€4190
 Modelling clayYou're looking for originality, the impact of a strong, offbeat or purely artistic artform… Try video in modelling clay. Specialists in modelling clay will create you a universe, characters and decors, tailor-made and captivating…€4190
 Typo Motion GraphicsThe script of the video is written and animated in a punchy way with an impactful typography, decorated with a few relevant pictograms, and all this is enriched by camera movements and dynamic transitions.€4190
 Parallax Motion GraphicsIllustrations are created on a tablet and then animated with effects of superposition of shots (parallax effect). An original dynamic effect, beautiful colourful drawings…€4790
 Infographic Motion GraphicsThe script of the video is written and animated in a punchy way with a set of pictograms created by your video's artist, enhanced by impactful typography and a few drawings. All this is enriched by camera movements and dynamic transitions.€4990
 Mixed Motion GraphicsIt is video “scribing” improved by some touches of animation in motion graphics at the key places for an even more dynamic result.€5190
 Standard Motion GraphicsCreation of custom drawings, done by the your video's artist, animated in Motion graphics. And all this enriched by camera movements and dynamic transitions.€7590
 Animated theatreA mixture of cut-out drawings filmed in our small theatre (dolly, light-plays…), with digital drawings animated in motion graphics. A fun and offbeat result.€9990
 Premium Motion GraphicsVery advanced pursuit of graphic quality, rich and powerful dynamic animation, highly motivated artists... All the ingredients are there to create a video in motion graphics which is aesthetic, startling... unique.€10590
 Interview (filming)Our film-crew films your experts or our actors to create a professional and impactful internal communications or e-learning video. We can then add a layer of animations and interactivity for something more educational.Ask us for a quote
VideoAre you dreaming of an original, offbeat video? Harmoniously mixing several techniques, scribing, motion graphics, modelling, modelling clay, stop motion, real shooting, interactivity… according to the desired universe? Our creative team will create your video completely tailor-made, in an innovative style.Ask us for a quote
 Full 3DCreation of video entirely in 3D, in partnership with 3D CUBEAsk us for a quote

Services included in our custom creation:

price video
  • Interview and advice for the artistic choices
  • Design and drafting of the text including discussion/dialogue until approval
  • Audio model to have an idea of the duration and final result of the narration
  • Creation of storyboard including discussion/dialogue until approval
  • Recording of the voiceover
  • Filming of the illustrator who draws
  • Choice of suitable music
  • Editing the video (synchronisation, voice, drawings, music)
  • Post-production: Transition effets, sound effects, animations…
  • Delivery of your video in HD and in all formats (.mov .mp4 .flv)

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To help you to  choose:

• Whiteboard Animation. It is “THE” standard. 80% of our videos are made with this technique which offers excellent value for money. A 100% tailor-made creation for an optimum result.


• Pop-up. This is the entry price. We create the text and the storyboard in the same way but the production process is simplified with constraints on the choice of illustrations and graphic effects.


• Mixed Motion graphics. It is the most dynamic style, mixing the best of the two worlds, illustration and animation…

2. Choosing your “standard” Options

 Standard optionsDescriptionexcl VAT FOR 1MIN30
option plus longueLonger than 
1mn30Our fixed prices are calculated for a video of 1mn30 duration. Above that, every additional 10 seconds increases the total estimate
by 10%10%
10 sec +
option vidéo urgenteUrgent:

6 Weeks maximum
Making a video takes at least 7 weeks, from first brief to the final delivery. If you need the video in less than 6 weeks...+5 %
option super urgente vidéoSuper Urgent:

4 Weeks maximum
If you need the video in less than 4 weeks. To get it within this deadline, your video should not exceed 2min30.+ 10%
option méga urgente vidéoMega Urgent: 

10 business days maximum
Your video could be created in 8 days minimum and 10 days maximum… This
turnaround time is only possible for a video of maximum duration of 1min30+15 %
option marque blancheWhite labelIf you'd like to remove the © 2017” on the final screen
which also names the artists, you can, for this fee.€590
option voix supplémentaireAdditional
Our videos only use the voice of a single narrator, by default. Here's the fixed price for the recording of an additional voiceover (for a duration of 1min30)€450
option voix étrangèreForeign
language version
Your video can be created in French, (or Italian, Russian, Japanese…). This fee includes the translation, the additional voice and the re-editing (without modification of the images and for a duration of 1min30.)€750
option traductionTranslationWe can have the text of the video translated by native professionals.

This fee price is for a duration of maximum 1min30, i.e. approximately 220 words.
option sous-titresSubtitlesIf you need your video for a trade-fair, or on your Intranet… it's a good idea to create a version with subtitles. It is also a way of making multilingual videos.

This price corresponds to a video of maximum 1min30.
client exigeant détailsDetailsMore than 80% of our customers allow our storyboarders and illustrators a lot of freedom in creation and the production. Others are demanding and need a lot of back and forth fine-tuning with us or want to draw certain details with a high level of accuracy… which involves more corrections and work. €1,290
correction après livraisonCorrection
During our creative process you approve the text and then the storyboard. If a decision-maker asks to modify some words or a drawing after the delivery of the video, we will then have to quote you for this additional correction work, involving one or more artists: voiceover actor, illustrator, animator…Ask us for a quote

3. Choosing your “special” Options

 Special optionDescriptionexcl VAT FOR 1MIN30
option gif animéeAnimated GIFYou choose an illustrator who creates an animation in animated GIF of 20 seconds duration Max.€890
option fresque vidéoVideo Fresco Used to highlight a path, the stages of a process, a training course, ... the fresco option requires specific storyboard work, the video ends with a zoom out on all the boards and illustrations forming an impressive panoramic overview. Zooming out on all the drawings of the video gives an impactful panoramic vision of 
the whole process being described.€990
option portraitPortrait So, you want to draw a portrait of one of the executives in your company in order to integrate it into your video? Drawn from a photograph you provide, the portrait is valid for all our techniques except for whiteboard animation or paper techniques.€390
option mascotte et avatarMascotte et AvatarYou want us to design a character for your video according to your graphic charter, our artists from a wide variety of backgrounds will help you create your mascot or avatar. The fee includes the transfer of all rights and the vector files.€890
option bouche synchroniséSynchronizing movementsWe can synchronize mouth movements, in particular according to the voice at some key places in your video.€590
option animationAnimationWe animate your video at several key spots in order to make it even more dynamic, this includes colourization.

This only applies for the Whiteboard Animation style

€135 per 10 additional sec. over 1 min 30.
option effet de transitionTransition effectsThe creation of a custom transition is another option that Videotelling offers.

See the

€ 190 transition effect custom transition effect.
option logo marqueurYour logo
on the markerYour logo can be printed on the marker in Videoscribing type videos. This will further allow you to customize your video - in your company's colours.€290
option interactivitéInteractivityYour video will be better able to capture the attention with an index, a lexicon, clickable links, but especially a quizz, a survey…

Discover all the possible features on the page dedicated to interactive video as well as the exact pricing for each option.

€190 corresponds to the basic package to make your video interactive See prices for interactivity

client référencement vidéoVideo SEO

We create a thumbnail that will appear in the search results. This will increase your visibility and your click-through rate, all optimized for Youtube and/or your website. Contact us for more information. from


4. Transfer of the rights to the video and associated prices

Internal CommunicationInternal communication of the client company: representation of the video on the intranet, at conferences, meetings, in your offices ..0 €
Internal and external limited communicationInternal communication, limited external communication of the client company: in addition to the previous rights, representation by any audio-visual media on the Web, everywhere in the world, for the duration of the protection of the intellectual property.290 €
Internal and external communication - all media - unlimited (TV and cinema broadcasts included) Transfer of all economic intellectual property rights to the video: rights of reproduction, representation, broadcasting, adaptation ..., on any video support, including television and cinema, in all places in the world, for the duration of the protection of the intellectual property.990 €
Additional option (apart from moral rights)
Transfer of ownership of the material supports. Transfer of ownership of all the material supports of the video (files, drawings, etc.).790 €

VideoTelling’s attractive prices imply that, by default, VideoTelling remains the owner of the intellectual property rights to the videos that we produce.


By prior agreement, specific intellectual property rights may be transferred to the customer, free of charge or for a fee, giving the customer specific usage rights for the videos. Look at the table below which explains in detail what is included free of charge and what is a paying option.

For the first two options, VideoTelling reserves the right of representation of the video we’ve produced, in order to promote its activities. In the last options Videotelling may not use your video or show it.

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