Influence the digital future with Orange Open Innovation


You have a head full of ideas about how digital could be used in everyday life? You Overflow imagination on the type of services that could make this technology to many people around the world?


So don’t hesitate! Orange Open Innovation give you the floor and the opportunity to realize your dreams of innovative digital services in a useful reality to all.


To learn how, it’s simple: just take a look at this comic video specially designed Orange Open Innovation’s project. This video is available in French, Spanish and English.


Our lives are changing with the digital … what if you could influence these changes?
What about if we were listening to your viewpoint? Orange invites you to share your ideas so that they become reality.


Each quarter, Orange Open Innovation present a theme: Education, shopping, work, family, health, smart city …


Imagine innovative digital services … expose your ideas in a few words and share them!


Your ideas then will go around the world. Hundreds of people will discover them, comment on them and enrich them.


The community elects the most relevant and ingenious ideas.


Five times a year, Orange Paris invites the holders of the most popular ideas, to participate in a workshop with its innovation teams. The result is then presented on the platform of Orange Open Innovation.


A local initiative can have a global reach! In Kenya, for example, countries where there are just a few bank accounts, the “mobile money” was created to allow transfers between individuals through a simple SMS.


Millions of people use it today!


Orange Senegal then extended the service to Egypt, adding the international transfer and bill payment.


The idea now crosses the Mediterranean to reach Romania and France.
Local ideas can go around the world and benefit to all.
Share your ideas, Orange helps you bring them to life.