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Improve your videos in interview mode with a hand-drawn video! The interview is a simple and inexpensive way of communicating in video, either to present a process, product or a service, or to inform or train people on a skill in a particular field. Internet surfers consume videos without moderation. So, it’s also an effective way of keeping visitors on your website and getting a good rate of conversion.


However, the interview also has its flaws. “Talking heads” (not the rock group!) tend to weary the spectator, especially if the subject is just a little boring and if the speaker is not an accomplished actor, which is seldom the case… With the democratization of video, anyone can produce an effective filmed interview. As a result, they’ve flourished on the internet and have made the process usual. So, you need to stand out from the crowd, to add a special touch, to reinvent it.


This is what we’ve done with the drawn video interview.

Hand-drawn video interview, what exactly is it?


It all starts with the interview. It is carried out with a single type of shot. The drawings will then be added by superimposition around the person, to illustrate, explain and show with humour and clarity what the speaker is saying.


It is of course vital to structure the text properly. A true pro will write it and learn it by heart. Reading it with the help of a “teleprompter” (on a screen placed just beside the camera) is an option but it can seriously reduce the quality of the speaker’s communication. The ideal scene is to be in full control of one’s subject and to answer questions spontaneously, with enthusiasm and conviction.


So, we recommend carefully writing the line-up with all the key ideas like a reminder, and then feel free to improvise during shooting so as to stay lively, convincing, and spontaneous. The interview is scripted, is built and is thus based on the principles of storytelling. This is your starting point


Then, you need to go into a studio to film it. Like in an orchestra, everone has his/her job. The director deals with the lighting and the composition, the make-up girl deals with your look (to avoid any unwanted shiny spots), and the sound engineer deals with what is said, to obtain a clear and distinct voice, static-free. We do everything in our power to get a professional result.


At the editing stage of the process, we choose the best shots, and different types of shot… We liven it all up. Once the editing has been approved, then begins the work of the storyboarder and the illustrators who will draw around the speaker. This is where that we leave the traditional interview behind, bye-bye the “talking head”, to enter the unexplored kingdom of the hand-drawn video interview.

A new format for elearning


Educational theory has long established that information is more likely to be assimilated if it is both heard and shown. With a hand-drawn video interview, it’s as if you had on the same screen the expert giving his presentation and the whiteboard with diagrams that explain it.


The illustration comes in here very directly to support the speech of the trainer and to thus give the visual equivalent of the subject being covered. The considerable flexibility of drawing is absolutely invaluable here. It can equally show an economic concept by means of a simple example, clear up an IT concept or clarify a chemical process.


Another advantage of the hand- drawn video interview is that the drawing being done under the learner’s eyes maintains his attention. It beefs up e-learning by giving it more life. It is as suitable for microlearning training  or blended learning, as for a traditional e-learning course.

Fun is our business


hand-drawn interview videoThis is a new type of interview. Trying to determine all of its uses right now is pointless. A lot more remains to be imagined. What is certain is that the hand-drawn video adds a touch of fun! And it’s true that the films which get the most shares on social networks are often funny ones.


A drawing gives freshness, creates surprise and unexpectedness. By looking at our example of interview in drawn video, you’ve surely wondered where the next animation was going to pop up, what the next icon was going to be? This maintains the interest of the spectator who increases his attention while listening to your message.


Above all, the spectator has a good time. The drawn video interview is a good means of transforming a film into a moment of enjoyment. It’s not going to change the world but it helps make it a little better.

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