Zania Sala Voice Off EnglishZania Sala is really listening to her clients. She understands that a successful partnership is one in which all parties are aligned on a global vision. Every voice, every song, every concert is important and serves a purpose.


She began her career in Puerto Rico as a young singer and followed 13 years of classical voice training. The voice over jobs naturally fell on her soon after … and she ended up with 15 years of experience in English and Spanish for radio, television, podcasts, phone systems and content. online, such as stories, trainings, explanatory videos and e-learning materials.


Zania Sala’s voice has a friendly, affordable, credible and comforting tone but can also be versatile. It is easy to work with Zania, it is reliable, responsive, professional and adapts easily. You will be happy to have chosen it.


When she does not write, she travels with her husband who is a recruiter for Baseball, she reads commercial items online or she reminds her son Alfie, very energetic child “that we must not jump on the couch “. As a mother who works at home, she is very busy and constantly juggling work and life.


“I love what I do and I want nothing more than excellence for my clients. That’s why I deliver on time and my clients come back! I am a mother, a woman and I believe in love and kindness. Life is Beautiful! Let’s make some noise together! “– Zania