Valerie-Chauffour-whiteboardValérie Chauffour has been transmedia artistic director in Paris for 7 years. Passionate about
science, graphic arts and animation, she studied applied arts at LISAA Paris, where she
specialized in animation, making 4 films.

Her career as a motion designer and artistic director through various video game production
studios and animation films, then led her to create her own company in the digital field.

Valérie Chauffour Belmy WB


At the same time, she continued to develop her artistic activity as an artist through
photography, illustration, motion design and painting. She continues to take courses in
scientific drawings and comparative anatomy to continually improve her artistic skills.


Valérie Chauffour Illustratrice


All of these experiences have sharpened his sense of observation and creativity. She is now
working as a freelance for different clients such as French channels, Clothe To Me, Bruno
Catalano, Sacrebleu Production, Season, SAMO gallery etc…


Valérie Chauffour Illustratrice


You can also have access to different sites to find Valérie Chauffour at work, follow follow this link, or this one or this one