Thibault Painsecq illustrates all types of projects



Graduated from Applied Art School of Caen, Thibault Painsecq is a born illustrator. With seven years of experience in a Paris-based graphic design agency, Thibault continued to sharpen his pen and lend his talent to several national and international brands and companies, in various fields such as publishing, print, branding, packaging, web and many more.




A specialist in the demanding world of illustration crafts, Thibault Painsecq is at ease with the traditional techniques of drawing, the rough, sketch storyboard, painting, felt pens, to quote only part, but also with more modern processes, such as desktop publishing and digital illustration tools. His open-mindedness and wide-range of styles allow him to work with the same efficiency on illustrative projects as diverse as they are varied.




Today freelance, Thibault lives between Paris and his native Normandy, in the department of Manche, where he contributes to the development of local businesses, by participating in the creation of advertising campaigns. He also does graphic design, comics, illustration as well as Art posters.




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