Samantha Ferry VideoscriberAfter a program at the Higher School of Arts and Media in Caen and an Erasmus at Ulster University in Belfast, Samantha Ferry obtained her DNSEP Communication / Edition with the Congratulations of the jury. She has been living in Paris for just over a year, and is a freelance illustrator (Magnethik, Buzz Production, Le Cargö, SFR, TBWA …), draftsman (Exhibition at the Abbaye aux Dames, ESAM, And at the “Fermeture Eclair” with the “La Moelle” collective) and continues a self-publishing activity.



Samantha Ferry Videoscriber



Very creative she has developed a style and a universe of her own. She draws nursery rhymes and some darker poems. Her technique is essentially traditional (ink, felt and pencil drawings). But being very curious and capable of much adaptability, she multiplies the mediums and supports (digital, textile, print and other multiples …) with a small weakness for the printed object.



Samantha Ferry Digital Illustrator



Samantha Ferry also completed two internships at Harrison & Wolf and St John’s Paris. Her interest in storytelling prompted her to create books and animations, of which she is still both the author and the illustrator.



Samantha Ferry Digital illustrator



Samantha loves dogs, drawing books, cafe terraces and night walks.

To see / know more about his personal work, you can go to her website by following this link, or follow it on her Instagram.