Pascal Gaggelli VideoscriberLike everyone, from a very young age, Pascal Gaggelli drawing before you even know write. But unlike other children, he never dropped the pen and he gradually realized that this simple tool was actually a wonderful means of communication.


Illustrator autodidact, he was artistic director of an Italian bimonthly magazine for children. He also directed a series of short comic boards for Italian and Swiss publishers, and also illustrated children’s books from, among others, American authors. humorous vignettes, storyboards, comics, magazine covers and books, advertising, … What has always interested him is the image communication and if possible even without the use of words.


His credo: A picture is better than long speech. The universality of the design language fascinates him.


You can take a quick look on his site and see a sample of his work, and below, in this short video, you will see the quality of its pencil drawing so distinctive.




Here is a small sample of his most personal work ;


Pascal Gaggelli Peinture digitale