Little mutant he loves to draw. Son of a father from the capital and a mother from a small village in the land of volcanoes, he scribbles very early. Fed by superhero comics he buys in secret, he draws entire Rodia blocks.


He even sells a comic book made with a friend at school. During his summer holidays he started watercolour painting and creating board games. He tries everything, markers, pencils, markers, gouache…


He followed studies leading him after his Bac to enter an art school. There he can give free rein to his imagination. Still life, nudes, graphics, typography, illustration, layout, art history, communication, DTP, rough, storyboard, photo, etc. He even runs a school newspaper.


After 4 years he graduated as a Graphic Designer at EPSAA (Ecole professionnelle supérieure d’arts graphiques) in Paris. Nicolas spent 6 months as an intern in Canada in a junior agency. On his return he joins a communication agency as Artistic Director where he does roughs, illustration and story boards.


He joined several Parisian comedy agencies to consolidate his knowledge. Then he turned to the web to discover what creative space this media could offer him. He sets up a digital department, free to create and offer the best of himself for customers. Passionate, he tests all styles and knows how to adapt, always curious to experiment.


He will work in illustration / rough / story for Renault, Sodebo, La Poste, Ministry of Sports, Groupama, MAAF, Clayeux, Télérama, the Ministry of Labour, KPMG, Mickeal Page, La Poste, FC Barcelona.


And every year since 2017, he launches himself in the Inktober (worldwide challenge during the month of October. With a given word as theme each day a drawing in ink per day for 30 days). Of course in addition to biting into a drawing he tried to stay in the superhero universe.
If you talk about drawings with him, he’ll be happy to talk for hours.


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