Nicky BakerNicky Baker is a very versatile, highly experienced British female voice artist. With almost 20 years in the business, she has had the pleasure and privilege of working on every type of voiceover imaginable, for a multitude of different clients and projects – from top fashion and cosmetics houses in Paris to tool-makers in Florida, from TV stations and film production companies to industrial corporations, all over the world. Because of its versatility, her voice has been described as sensual, young and upbeat, corporate, classy, dynamic and trustworthy, to name a few. She is fast, reliable and loves ensuring that every client she works for really obtains the product he or she needs.


Nicky works mainly out of her own, broadcasting-quality studio, from where she sends her recordings out to her international clients. Here is also a small movie where you can hear the variety of its timbre.


Testimonials include: “You did a fantastic job on this book. We made the deadline and delivered a killer product.” (audiobook producer); “You are fantastic. It’s so hard to pick between these [versions].  Thank you for your patience with us on this… your professionalism is  commendable.” (COO of a fashion company); “What an amazing voice that fit just perfectly with what we needed! Nicky Baker followed direction very well, and was extremely fast in delivering the recording and its revisions! We are a very satisfied customer. THANK YOU!!!” (producer of a music CD containing lullabies)