Magdalena Klepacz … Whiteboard illustrator

Magdalena Klepacz Illustration Whiteboard

Illustrator of talent, experienced graphic designer, enlightened artistic director, Magdalena is full of positive energy.


This bubbly, dynamic, passionate artist always has a thousand and one ideas in mind. As proof, his already rich career of creations, in illustration, graphic design, artistic direction, storyboarding, both Print and Web …


Magdalena has a degree in Artistic Director (Master 2), a degree in Graphic Design from LISAA (Level II) and a Diploma in Landscaping (Master 2).


The diversity of his studies and training has allowed him to acquire and develop skills in the field of traditional drawing, “freehand”, as in the field of modern technologies of computer design.

Magdalena Klepacz Illustration Whiteboard 01

Magdalena loves doing live drawings, otherwise known as graphic facilitation, as well as feature drawings, sketches made during meetings and workshops. His developed sense of observation allows him to “crunch” key moments, and unique, during workshops and translate them into a simplified drawing, a real added value during professional meetings

Magdalena Klepacz Illustrateur WB

Magdalena has several years of experience in the arts and graphic facilitation. Applied, rigorous, efficient, it performs quality work, quickly. The graphics, storyboards and illustrations on command, or live, have no secrets for her. Well-known brands such as Crédit Agricole, Meetic, Seekube, advertising agencies, start-ups have already trusted him, as well as many companies through Videotelling, a specialist in explanatory video.

Magdalena Klepacz Illustrateur WB

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