Laurence Cornou WhiteboarderLaurence Cornou, graduate of Paris Fine Arts School with honors, is shared between painting, comics and illustration.


She has published comics in the magazine “Junior Citizen” and illustrations for youth at Plon and Hachette. She has exhibited in France and abroad, at Puls’Art and Art City salons, at the International Biennial of Image in Nancy, at the Paris Book Fair, at the National Foundation for Graphic Arts and in galleries.


Passionate about cinema and photography, Laurence Cornou films and takes photos when she has no pen in hands.


Here you can have a look at the website of Laurence Cornou.


And, as she didn’t create a whiteboard animation yet, you can have an idea of her drawing style with her video test below.






You can also appreciate the nice way she handles the charcoal with the below video …