Julien Vialon Voix offJulien Vialon was born in 1968 in Clermont-Ferrand, Auvergne, France. His father taught him Architecture, Design and Italian Creativity. His mother gave him a taste for foreign travel and culture.


He came to London for the first time at the age of seven, and that same year discovered his first film on the big screen; “Goldfinger”. His decision was made: one day, Julien would become an actor.


He made his theater debut at the age of fifteen, in a local troupe, playing (coincidence … or not?) In English. After obtaining a degree in Literature and Foreign Languages ​​at the University (English, Italian, Spanish), he then moved to Paris and joined the renowned school of comedians; the Cours Florent. He made his first appearance at the cinema as a professional against Marcello Mastroïanni, in “Three lives and one death”.


After appearing in several French television series as well as short films, he began to travel around the world, shooting commercials. He reinvests the money in his first achievements; as of today, he has made six short films and has written two feature films.


In 2004, the script for his third short film won the award for best short film at a festival in Paris and was later broadcast at the Cannes Film Festival, in the Short Film Corner section.


Returning to the stage, he performed the sung role of Enjolras, the revolutionary, in “Les Miserables”, in Paris in 2006. He later joined “The Actors Studio”, where he spent two years integrating the “Method From Stanislavski.


In 2008 he saw the role of Bartolomeo Vanzetti in the play “Sacco & Vanzetti” in Paris.
In 2010, Julien went to live in London and the piece “Platform” marked his debut in the UK, in the theater directed by Kevin Spacey, “The Old Vic”.


Chosen by Ron Howard to be part of the prestigious casting of “Rush”, his new film, Julien Vialon gave the answer to Daniel Brühl and Chris Hemsworth, in this recreation of the 1976 season of Formula 1. The film was a great success at its released in 2013.


Following this experience, Julien Vialon was engaged, for the first time as a lead role in a feature film, “Catherine of Alexandria”, directed by Michael Redwood: giving the reply to Peter O’Toole and Edward Fox, Julien He interpreted the role of the pagan Emperor Maxence who kidnapped, tortured and eventually executed the young woman, later canonized. The film was released in December 2013.

He was then retained by Ridley Scott to play against Cameron Diaz and Michael Fassbender in his new film, “Cartel.” The “Saleh Sharif Myth,” shot in Arabic, marked the third co-operation between Julien Vialon and the Lebanese director Zahi Farah after “Time” and “Rage”.


In spring 2013, Julien joined the team of “Skins”, the television series produced by channel Channel 4, for his seventh and last season. Following this, Julien played in “Base”, directed by Richard Parry and produced by Vertigo Films (Bronson). 2014 saw the release of Steven Wheeler’s fantasy film “Spring-Heeled Jack”, in which Julien Vialon plays Thomas Herring, spatio-temporal adventurer. Then came the collaboration with Italian director Alessandro Zonin for “Good Kisses of Italy” and also Stephen Frears, for his biography on Lance Armstrong, “The Program”, with Ben Foster, released in 2016.


That same year saw Julien go back on the boards, this time in Paris, in the adaptation of Conan Doyle’s novel “The Valley of Fear”, directed by Nathalie Veneau, where he played the famous detective Sherlock Holmes .