Franco-American comedian, trained at the Conservatory of the VIIth arrondissement of Paris by Danièle Ajoret and at the Studio 34, Julien Muller joined the artistic permanence of the Comédie de Reims between 1994 and 2002, directed by Christian Schiaretti.
Under his direction he played in fifteen plays, including Mother Courage and her children, by Brecht, at the Théâtre National de la Colline, in Paris, Polyeucte and La Place Royale, by Corneille, Les Visionnaires, by Desmarets de Saint-Sorlin, D’Entre les Morts and Le Petit Ordinaire, by Jean-Pierre Siméon, The Great Theater of the World, by Calderon, as well as in the Ahmed series written by Alain Badiou (Ahmed le Subtil, Ahmed philosophe, Ahmed se fâche, Les Citrouilles).
He followed Christian Schiaretti at the TNP with Brecht’s Three Penny Opera, also represented at the Théâtre National de la Colline, in Paris.
He is then directed by Michel Vinaver in two of his works, A la reverse and Iphigénie Hôtel, at the Théâtre des Artistics Athévains, in Paris and at the Théâtre des Amandiers of Nanterrre.
With Grégoire Ingold, he plays in L’Extravagant Monsieur Jourdain, by Bulgakov, and then with René Loyon in Retour à Ithaque after Homer, at the Théâtre du Lucernaire, in Paris. He also works with Olivia Kryger in her staging of The Jews, by Lessing, at the Théâtre de l’Atalante and the Maison des Métallos, in Paris. He works with René Loyon again on La Demande d’Emploi, by Vinaver at the Théâtre de l’Epée de bois, in Paris.
He also plays in English during 5 years with Oz company.
Julien Muller also shoots for film and television.
He can be seen in The Transporter 3 and in Colombiana, directed by Olivier Mégaton.
In 2018, he will be on display in White Fang, directed by Oscar-winning director Alexandre Espigares.
He is also a radio host, and a dubbing actor.
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