Ginnie Watson Voice overGinnie Watson is an Anglo-French actress and work in both languages ​​in all areas of the show! She got her professional training at Cours Viriot in Paris and then, followed an intensive year of ‘screen acting’ at the International School of Screen Acting in London. There, in 2010, she wrote and directed her first short film (Shag Women Senseless).


Ginnie Watson is also a professional singer.


She sails between theater, cinema (“Dépression et des Potes”, “Comme un chef”), advertising, short films and even motion capture (“Heavy Rain”, “Quantic Dream Sony”). Since two years, she also works (and enjoy it a lot!) as TV compère (“123 Pourquoi”, “Nickelodeon Junior France”) and voiceover artist.


The many artistic skills of Ginnie Watson makes a collaborator of choice for the videos produced in French and English by VideoTelling.



Her voice latest news:

– Suez Environnement (English)

– Renault Care Project (English)

– Cacharel Anaïs Anaïs #FirstTime internet spot (English)